Design is the idea,
Glass the material

Following the COVID-19 emergency and the ministerial decree of March 22 2020, we have completed all the operations necessary for the suspension of production, for the period from March 26 to April 3.

In compliance with current regulations and by implementing a remote work network, we are keeping the administrative office active and the commercial department is maintaining relations with customers, to process requests for offers and to agree on ways and timing for future supplies, as well as the technical office which is also implementing the development of a software that will enable us to offer a better service to our customers. The quality department is also carrying out the activities and requirements necessary to obtain a certification we were working at and which we aim to have shortly. Our R&D department is continuing with the development of new designs and new projects that we hope to complete by the end of the year.

Apologizing for the inconvenience we may be creating to our customers, we will be back as soon as possible with the enthusiasm, the competence and the professionalism that over the years enabled us to acquire great recognition in our field.

But now we must give priority to the health and safety of all our staff, of those close to us and of the whole community.

Please keep following us. We will update you on any development.

24-24 Ottobre 2019

Architect@Work - Torino

L’appuntamento con Architect@Work Torino si è concluso. Sono state due giornate intense di incontri interessanti e proficui in cui abbiamo presentato CHORUS, il vetro all in one per l’edilizia e l’interior design. Grazie a Vanceva Colors per il prezioso supporto e grazie a tutti coloro che ci hanno fatto visita.

13 Novembre 2019
Il designer argentino Martin Peralta visita Quidam

In occasione della mostra Altare Vetro Arte -Argentina Vidrio Arte, che si inaugurerà domani, il designer argentino Martin Peralta, accompagnato dal curatore del Museo dell’ Arte Vetraria Altarese Carlo Saggini, ha visitato la nostra azienda. È stato un piacere riconoscere in lui passione e conoscenza della lavorazione del vetro, ereditate dal padre, unite a grande sensibilità artistica. Siamo contenti che Martin abbia molto ammirato e apprezzato le nostre tecniche di lavorazione più innovative, unite a una cura e a una attenzione per molti versi artigianali.

25 ottobre 2019 – 23 febbraio 2020

La mostra "Capolavori d’impresa" è stata prorogata fino al 23 febbraio 2020! Invitiamo tutti a visitarla nelle Sale Mostre Temporanee di Palazzo Gavotti a Savona, l'ingresso é gratuito e gli orari sono disponibili sul sito della mostra
Quidam é presente con una sua "opera", frutto di ingegno e di conoscenza teconologica, in un percorso "artistico" tra passato e futuro insieme ad alcune delle aziende più rappresentative del territorio savonese.

A high level of technological expertise combined with constant updating translate into manufacturing innovation capable of meeting the ever-changing needs of architects, designers and companies.


Thermal tempering treatment imparts elevated mechanical and thermal resistance to the glass.
Tempered glass is also a safety product, because in the event of breakage the glass tends to fracture into small and relatively harmless granules.
The convection tempering line can process sheets also of very large dimensions and high thicknesses, in addition to the latest generation of Low-E magnetronic glass.


The coating line allows us to produce tempered glass coated with ceramic inks that fuse with the glass to provide extreme resistance to weathering, making the product ideal also for building construction applications while also meeting stringent safety prescriptions.
Sheets can be produced in colours to samples or in the RAL®, Pantone®, or NCS® colour ranges.


Laminated glass is composed of two or more sheets bonded together with plastic films.
Laminated glass is a safety product because in the event of breakage the plastic film retains the fragments thereby protecting people and property in the vicinity.
The lamination line allows the assembly of large size sheets with standard and coloured interlayers, and also with the innovative Saflex® DG and SentryGlas® structural plastic films.


Digital printing with ceramic inks allows us to reproduce graphic elements and decorations with screen-print quality levels.
By means of the tempering process the glass sheet can be brought to the level of mechanical strength necessary for external applications, guaranteeing excellent resistance to weathering and colour changes.
The very high opacity of the inks makes this technique suitable also printing enamel bands or frit borders.


The cutting line, which is fed from the automatic warehouse, can process large size float glass with thicknesses of up to 19mm.
The advanced technological features of the plant include automatic labelling and removal of the temporary protective film (TPF) applied to protect the latest generation of Low-E glass.


The four vertical and horizontal grinding lines allow all types of edge processing and finishing operations, in addition to the boring of cylindrical holes with countersinks and variable angle grinding.


large size components, is carried out on numerically controlled machining centres. These plants also allow the creation of bevels, engravings and 3D machinings.


Screen printing techniques are normally employed for partial obscuration of glass sheets.
The inks are applied using screens that are compatible with series production operations.


Sandblasting is an artisanal technique for glass surface treatment that can be employed to create delicate or deeper decorations, imparting a refined three dimensional effect to the sheets.


Glass-glass and glass-metal bonds of high mechanical strength and elevated transparency are created using UV curing techniques.


Collaboration with haulage companies specialised in handling large size glass sheets with the use of cranes and vacuum lifters, makes for optimised logistics and customer satisfaction.

Quidam's team of experts can provide invaluable technical support for every design need, addressed in full compliance with the legislation in force.


Strategia di Specializzazione Intelligente

Il progetto di innovazione di Quidam rientra nella Strategia di Specializzazione Intelligente regionale che si propone di sostenere gli investimenti produttivi connessi ai percorsi di consolidamento e diversificazione, al fine di conseguire un potenziamento della base produttiva regionale, il suo sviluppo tecnologico e la sua competività.


Azione 3.1.1 del POR FESR Liguria 2014-2020

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